Random Encounters of Demons, Dragons, and Death

Gregory Madwig

In a side adventure with the town guard, David’s half orc monk and a few

Scrambled to Capa
Goblins attack!

After the small village of Scrambled is attacked by marauders, Kvoth, Sorin, Sage, Buffy Thevampireslayingcleric, and the rest of the villagers made their way to Capa as refugees. If the refugees didn’t already have it hard enough, on the way they were attacked by some raiding goblins who carried off their goods and their family members (and the towns people lamented them in that order). Luckily for them, the team of adventurers were quickly on the case, and with the help of a map from one of the villagers (acquired by Kvoth) they soon found the secret goblin lair. With Sage sneaking ahead and leading the way (much to the reluctance of the others) they made their way through the lair, killing goblins, taking their gold, rescuing townsfolk (except for sage who got several of them BBQed), discovering secret doors, finding an odd ring, and- at least for Sage- aquiring an odd taste for human flesh. Sorin also demonstrated his dwarven “charisma”, Buffy- her great wisdom, and Kvoth his resourcefulness and BBQ skills. If only time hadn’t run short! Agonizingly they wait in suspended animation in order to explore that last passage way (were all of the treasure is sure to be kept) and the one secret door!


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